Points To Consider When Buying A Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner, as the name suggests, is a small compact unit with wheels which can be transported very easily from one room to another. It can be setup easily, takes less space and cools the room by taking in air from the room, cooling it and directing it back into the room. The warm air is also vented outside with the help of an exhaust hose.

This easy to use portable air conditioner is generally used in rooms where it is not possible to have an aircon installation in Gold Coast done. It can also be used to supplement the central air conditioning unit of a place. This AC allows instant cooling and also comes with a host of adjustable features like temperature control, fan speed settings.

Things to consider before purchasing a portable AC

Just like any other bigger aircon installation, it is important to know the following things before going in for the final purchase.

• Size and capacity: A BTU or British thermal unit is the standard measure signifying the cooling capacity of these air conditioners. Portable ACs with BTU ratings which are higher has the capacity to cool bigger rooms. Hence it is very important to know the size of the room where this AC is to be setup so as to prevent loss of energy and exorbitant electricity bills.

• Placement: Since these portable air conditioners come with an exhaust pipe for expelling out the hot air, it is best to place them near the window. However since each of these comes with its own window kit, the option for placing it somewhere other than near the window can also be explored.

• Maintenance: Maintenance of this portable AC is very easy and hassle free. It involves the following things which need to be done on a regular basis.

o The moisture coming out of the air is collected in a pan attached to the machine. This can be either taken out manually for emptying or a hose can be attached to it to drain out the water.

o Cleaning filters is also quite easy and can be done at home by going through the instructions manual given.

o Care must be taken to check if ice formation has taken place on the coils. In such a situation, the unit needs to be defrosted completely before using.

• Noise: These units do create some amount of noise and a person opting for these portable air conditioners have to be mentally prepared for the same. But before buying, it is best to compare the decibel levels of different units and choose the one which emits the least sound.

• Energy efficiency: Portable ACs having a higher BTU are more energy efficient than the ones with lower BTUs. Thus the energy efficiency ratio or EER also needs to be taken into consideration before making the final purchase.